The Stranger Says: “Vote González”

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Lorena González used to work for Mayor Ed Murray, has the endorsement of former council wet blanket Sally Clark, and has received $700 from the reform-blocking dickbags in the police union, so we went into this meeting really not wanting to like her. But she is a bad***. González is a civil rights attorney and past president of OneAmerica. She says she grew up in a Spanish-speaking migrant farmworker household in the Yakima Valley, where she earned her first paycheck at 8 years old.

Remember the Latino man a Seattle cop threatened to “beat the fucking Mexican piss” out of? She does, too—because she represented him in his lawsuit against the city. (She won him a $150,000 settlement.) She’s also worked on a string of other excessive-force cases in Seattle, Lynnwood, and Brewster. The outcomes have been mixed, but she’s more than proven her willingness to take on cops. Once, when an officer who had tased a Latina woman testified in court that getting tased was like feeling static shock from a doorknob, González challenged him to take his Taser out right there in court and zap her in front of the jury. He refused. In a town where it can, apparently, be hard for elected officials to stand up to cops, we think González will break that mold. Plus, at one point in our meeting, she said she’s been told she has “Resting B**** Face”—and she does not appear to give one f***. Vote González.

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