The Stranger Says: Vote González

The Stranger’s Endorsements for the November 2015 General Election! 

downloadBill Bradburd is a condescending, obstructionist NIMBY creep who resents newcomers and wants to “put a tarp on” neighborhoods like Capitol Hill that he thinks are growing too fast. That’s not how living in a city works, Bill.

Lorena González is a badass civil-rights attorney who is probably going to become governor or something someday. González grew up in a family of migrant farm workers. As a lawyer, she fought for Latino students who’d been mistreated by school administrators and sued the city of Seattle on behalf of the Latino man a Seattle cop threatened to “beat the f**king Mexican piss” out of. (Do you even need any more information? Just mark the goddamn bubble already.)

As a council member, González is promising to work on gender pay equity, push forward the tenant protections and increased density in the city’s housing affordability plan, and beef up enforcement of the city’s labor laws.

González is taking donations from some folks we are not into—the reform-choking police guild, the Chamber of Commerce’s political arm, Tim Burgess—and we’ll be watching closely to make sure she doesn’t fold to those interests once in office. But her past work, her broad base of support, and the fact that she is not Bill Bradburd make this choice easy. Vote González.

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