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This blog is about the best treadmill walking for beginners and a 20-minute walking workout that you can do at home on your treadmill. So, we are going to hop up and get started right away.  Get started with a warm-up and it usually takes three minutes to warm up. However, stick to a speed of 2-2.5 k per hour. You can just get the right treadmill and have a calm and soothing workout in the comfort of your home. Visit https://thebikersride.com/ to know more about the best compact treadmills under bed.

You can literally play with different speeds and different walking workouts while doing rounds on your treadmill. Usually, there are different sets of intervals that you are going to need. However, each set is going to get more and more challenging than the previous one.

So basically, with each set, we are going to be adding more time with our walking. In the first set, you are going to need 30 seconds internal of walking with ascending levels of speed. In the first interval, you need to do walking at a speed of 3.0. the next one would be 3.5 and then gradually increase it to 4.0.


The next step is that you need to increase your time up to one minute spend at each of those speeds and then a final set of intervals, you need to do 90 seconds at each of those speeds. Easy, no?

So, it gets more and more challenging as you go further doing the last interval of the day. it really brings out sweat from your body and gets your body in shape. The last interval would be the hardest interval. However, you are going to feel so amazing at the end of the workout that you would want to get up again tomorrow and start the three rounds of three different intervals on walking on a treadmill. Remember that you can always get to know more about treadmills at https://thebikersride.com/.

Also, if you want to make your workout more challenging, you always have the option to add more inclines to your workout. Moreover, if it’s your first time working out, then there is maybe no need to add any inclines to your workout. Remember, these workout intervals are good for those who are beginners and not for intermediate or advanced training.


If you have spent more time working out on this walking routine of workout, you can simply add more challenges to your workout just to stay motivated. This workout has always been great for beginners and makes them feel nice and strengthen their muscles. Using this workout as a beginning guide for you can really help you go in a long way.

Always remember to go easy on the muscles in the start so that you can have to move further on to challenging your body muscles without causing any injury. If you are a beginner and start-up with hardcore walking or treadmill exercise, it can really cause immense damage to your tissues, and you wouldn’t want to do that, right?