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Whether you drink coffee because it is your favorite drink and top priority in the morning or it is your energy booster in the noon, by now you must have known that investing in the best coffee maker is an essential decision and now we see more options than ever due to the variety of coffee drinks in the market such as lattes, cappuccinos, espresso, and cold brews at coffeeshan.com. 

I take coffee very seriously and over the years I have been trying to experiment with different coffee makers to make sure if I am dealing with the best coffee maker. So far I have experimented with Espresso makers, Single-serve coffee makers, Nespresso machines, Cold brew makers, French presses, Portable coffee makers, coffee makers with built-in grinders, and many more to find the best brew for my coffee.

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While experimenting to determine which one is the best coffee maker, I used to brew at least two pots of coffee in every drip machine and then record their brewing time, their temperature of brewing and how long can a coffee stay warm and how well can it stay warm. Consistency is also another thing you need to pay attention to while testing the espresso or single-server coffee machines. Visit https://coffeeshan.com/ and learn more about coffee makers and kick-start your day with rich coffee flavors. 

A sensory test is also conducted as a part of the brewing test so make sure you get as many people as you can to make sure it is satisfying everyone’s taste buds. Besides the performance of the machine, other factors also determine what makes a coffee maker the best coffee maker. You should check if the user manual of the coffee maker is useful or not, how convenient are the controls to use, if water tank access is easy or not, is it easy to wash or not. So far after experimenting with so many coffee makers I have realized which coffee maker suits me the best. Let’s talk about it:

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Why is Breville Precision Brew the Best Coffee Maker?


It does live up to its name and is indeed the coffee maker. It just knows to brew the coffee at a perfectly right temperature which any coffee connoisseur would die for. And the best part about this coffee maker is not how it performs but the functions it offers. Such as. It can make a single cup of coffee unlike other coffee makers, it can brew over ice and it also has cold brew and pour-over coffee functions. Read more at https://coffeeshan.com/.

Also, did you know that Breville can be adjusted for brewing temperature, bloom time, and also flow rate which ensures that you get your personalized cup of coffee? It comes with two kinds of filters i.e. flat bottom and cone filter basket and for people who are supertasters (sensitive palette) and you can add your notes in the coffee to make it according to your preference. I can brew up to 12 cups of coffee at the same time in just 8-9 minutes.