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Watch Lorena on Democracy Live! President Trump said he would “show great heart” when considering whether to deport recipients of DACA, or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. So why is Daniel Ramirez Medina sitting in jail? We go to Seattle, Washington, to speak with Councilmember Lorena González, a civil rights attorney who is the city’s... Continued
Seattle City Council reaffirms support for immigrants, refugees Seattle is a “welcoming city” that serves its residents regardless of their immigration or refugee status, says a resolution the City Council adopted by unanimous vote Monday.  The resolution says the city will reject any offer from the federal government to enter into an agreement authorizing Seattle police officers to carry... Continued
Seattle City Council Unanimously Passes ‘Welcoming City’ Resolution This afternoon, the Seattle City Council unanimously passed a resolution declaring Seattle a “Welcoming City” to the immigrants, refugees and Muslims that President Donald Trump targeted last week in an executive order. The resolution directs the Seattle Police Department to (eventually) not help other police agencies at hunting for undocumented immigrants.... Continued
Seattle could create its own legal defense fund for immigrants Seattle officials may take their support for immigrants and refugees a step further. During a meeting Monday, City Councilmember Lorena González said local government needs to do more to help people facing uncertainty. González: “Particularly of interest to me is the establishment of a legal defense fund where we... Continued
Council Member Lorena González Is “Disappointed” and “Beyond Frustrated” with Police Over Social Media Monitoring Seattle City Council member Lorena González is none too pleased about the revelation that Seattle Police illegally acquired social media surveillance software two years ago. Responding today to The Stranger‘s story about the software acquisition and its subsequent use, González, who leads police oversight on the council as chair of the Safe Communities... Continued

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