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Unlike many other blenders this Vitamix E320 Blender is very affordable with high quality performance, this is the reason many people buy this blender which is produced by the very well known company Vitamix. It is no secret that Vitamix produces some of the best blenders in the world and same goes for the E320 Explorian blender. This blender comes in 2 color options black and red, therefore, it offers a color choice and the buyer can select a personal favorite color as it gives a pop and color combination to the kitchen. With amazing vibrant color the blender also comes with a cookbook to get you started on many dishes which can be made by the use of this fantastic high quality blender. Not only this, there many other features that make this a better blender than many other blenders.

What makes the Vitamix E320 Blender better?

  1. Radial cooling fan: this feature enables the E320 to be energy sufficient while producing high pressure for blending, crushing and chopping.  This happens as radial cooling fans relocates the normal room air pressure which produces a high pressure while saving energy.
  2. Thermal protection system: this system keeps the motor base at sustainable temperature; therefore, even if you use this blender for a long time it is unlikely that it would get too hot to touch.
  3. Motor power: the power of the motor is 2.2 HP and 1464 watt next-generation motor which is able to support the blade speed up to 240 mph which is incredible as it is able to chop, crush and blend the hardest ingredients and mix them easily.
  4. Safety and durability: unlike many other blenders, the Vitamix E320 blender uses Tritan as jar rather than plastic, this makes it very safe and durable to use.
  5. Warranty: along with an efficiently working blender with a cheap price you also get a 7 year warranty which is very impressive. This shows and highlights the confidence of the company in this blender as it is extremely long-lasting.
  6. Self-cleaning: this feature is excellent as many people avoid blenders because of cleaning it regularly but that is not the case with Vitamix E320 as it cleans itself. All you have to do is put some warm water and a drop of liquid soap or detergent then the blender runs and cleans itself in just a minute.
The jar is made with Tritan which is safer than plastic
Stainless blades
2.2 HP next-generation motor.
Warranty for 7 years
Radial cooling fan
Thermal protection system
Color options are limited to 2 colors Red and Black

Accessories which comes with Vitamix E320 Blender

After purchasing Vitamix E320 blender you get many accessories like motor base (2.2-peak hp), a low-profile wide container (64-oz) and cookbook as mentioned earlier for you to cook new delicious recipes, low profile tamper which is safe to use whilst the blender is blending so that you can shove the ingredients to the blade without any problem.